Caroling, Crime and Elections at Community Meeting

Last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was a mixed bag of different topics, including a presentation by Alex Vallandry of Seattle Neighborhood Group.

Read the complete minutes of the December meeting.

Alex spoke about the recent spate of car prowls and thefts and what can be done to reduce them (don’t keep anything valuable–or frankly stealable–in your car, park in well-lit areas, don’t drive 1990s era Hondas). But the silver lining if your car is stolen is it’s usually opportunists looking for a quick trip somewhere, 86% of cars are recovered, most within 12 blocks from where they were stolen. Mail theft came up, definitely a hot topic at this time of year (in fact, I found stolen mail alongside the road today and returned it to the owners, the packages had all been torn open and the contents stolen. The mail had been removed from unlocked mailboxes). Possible deterrents include finding a neighbor who stays home and having packages delivered to them instead of sitting on your doorstep, getting them delivered at work, or going in with neighbors to buy a group locking mailbox.

Caroling will return to Victory Heights again this year, starting at 6:30 PM next Tuesday, December 23rd.  Meet up at the Harris house, 10512 17th Avenue NE (enter on the NE 106th side), where music sheets, cookies, and hot cider will be offered before everyone heads out into the streets. Read about last year’s caroling event.

Finally, elections are coming for the board members and officers of the Victory Heights Community Council. These two year positions include the search for a new President and Vice-President. You might think this sounds like a lot of work, but mostly the President delegates the work to someone else and just has to run the meetings once a month, which pretty much run themselves. Interested in running or being on the council’s executive board? Write to Ardith Lupton.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 7 PM in the usual location at the preschool building in Victory Heights Park. Happy holidays, everyone!

Community Council Discusses Elections, Little Free Libraries

The September 17th meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council had 21 people crammed into a neighbor’s house when the Co-Op Pre-school building proved unavailable at the last minute (but we’ll be back! See below). With some yummy fresh-made chocolate cookies as treats, a number of newcomers introduced themselves, as well as the usual board members and interested members of the community.

Read the complete minutes of the September meeting.

Speakers included Alice Woldt, of Fair Elections Seattle, who spoke in favor of Proposition 1 on the ballot this fall to publicly finance elections in the city of Seattle. Kate Waterous gave a recap of the highly successful Neighborhood Night Out last month, and solicited ideas for improving it next year. Brad Cummings summarized the recent North District Council meeting, and a resident described the break-in at her place earlier in the day (read more about it here).

Good news from the Victory Heights Co-Operative Preschool is that we can use the building for all of our meetings going forward through May next year. Remember to bring your own chairs if you don’t want to sit in the tiny children’s ones.

And Bob, a local resident, has volunteered to construct TWO Little Free Libraries to be located in Victory Heights. With help from a SPARKS grant from the city, we hope to do this with no cost to the Council. Expect to see these deployed soon!

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 15th, 7 PM at the Pre-School building in the park.  We hope to see you there!

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Obama Overwhelmingly Wins Victory Heights

President Obama during the State of the Union Address (official White House photo)

I’m sure to the surprise of no one in Victory Heights, President Obama won a huge majority of votes in last month’s election in the neighborhood’s two main precincts.

According to results on the King County Database, in precinct 2309 (the area between NE 100th and NE 105th east of 20th Ave) the results were:

  • Obama: 214 votes (83%)
  • Romney: 35 votes (13%)
  • Other: 9 votes (3%)


In precinct 2316 (between 105th and NE Northgate Way):

  • Obama: 307 votes (83%)
  • Romney: 45 votes (12%)
  • Other: 16 votes (4%)