Fire Department Burning House on 15th Avenue NE

Pa280727The Seattle Fire Department has been performing training exercises for new recruits all week on a house at 10720 15th Avenue NE with controlled fires and then putting them out. Neighbors and passers by  have noticed the presence of many fire trucks on 15th Avenue NE which have been part of the drills. The house was scheduled for demolition anyway, which made it perfect for the fire department to use.  After a series of smaller fires this week, the entire structure will be burned to the ground sometime on Friday, probably by noon. There are obstructed views available from the street if you want to watch.

Pa280728Earlier the carport (right) was torched and then put out, as part of the ongoing exercises which are done each year for as part of firefighting training for a new class of recruits.

SWAT Team Busts Nuisance Residence

Jim reports:

Today, June 10, 2014, police executed a search warrant at a residence (11320 19th Ave NE) where there have been persistent complaints of drug dealing and prostitution.  The police action resulted from the combined efforts of neighbors and police over a period of time.

At about 6:15 a.m. police SWAT team arrived in three armored vehicles and secured the property before a team of police searched the residence.

The resulting search yielded heroin and guns. The homeowner was arrested and taken to King County Jail and is awaiting the filing of formal charges.

Neighbors also complained that drug users were going on foot from the residence to an abandoned house at 1542 NE Northgate Way.  This latter property has been vacant for many years and remains an attractive nuisance for drug users and trespassers.

Overall, it was a victory for the neighborhood!

New Construction Nears Completion

The new house at 10718 19th Ave NE, set behind the house on 19th Ave, is nearly finished construction. The driveway still needs to be paved, but according to permits issued by the city, the electrical and sewer work has been completed. A small shed had been demolished in 2008 to make room for the new building located on a “porkchop” lot familiar to Victory Heights residents. The project had been delayed several years due to the housing crunch, with the building permit renewed in 2009 and in February 2011, when work finally began. Port Gardner Architects in Everett were the original applicant.