Bob’s Liquor & Wine Opens on Lake City Way

After months of remodeling, but with more cladding still to be put on the outside, Bob’s Liquor & Wine opened for business today on Lake City Way.  The building, which formerly housed the defunct Italian Spaghetti House, had a new addition put on the north side, along with stairs and a wheelchair ramp.

If someone who knows about liquor goes shopping there, feel free to write a review of the place here.

Abracadabra – Head Rush Espresso Vanishes

Now you see it, now you don’t.  Head Rush Espresso, the infamous “bikini espresso stand,” disappeared from the car park of the former Italian Spaghetti House (soon to be Bob’s Lake City Liquors) on Lake City Way today.  The stand which was constructed on the site in May and opened in June presumably lost its lease for the site which will be used as a parking lot for the new business still being remodeling.  Never popular with residents, with the bikini stand gone are we now just left with the lessor of two evils?

Italian Spaghetti House Remodeling To Be Liquor Store

The old Italian Spaghetti House on Lake City Way which has been closed since 2011 is in the middle of a remodel to turn it into a liquor store. I had thought that after Initiative 1183 passed last year that stand-alone liquor stores (albeit state owned) would be something you’d tell your grandchildren once existed before the advent of grocery stores being able to sell hard liquor. Apparently someone thinks there is business to be had here, presumably catering to a market looking for a selection of alcoholic products not available at every Safeway or Costco. A new two-story addition is being added to the former restaurant on the north side of the building with an extended foundation.

Espresso Stand Going In Italian Spaghetti House Lot

Today, a new espresso stand was being built in the parking lot of the closed Italian Spaghetti House property on Lake City Way. Headrush Coffee hopes to be open for business by June 1st said owner Zach Head, who will run the stand along with his brother. The free-standing building won’t need any plumbing and will tap electricity directly from the main power line. Head negotiated using the disused space, a deal by the new owners of the property to make some income from the empty building and surrounding lot which they purchased earlier this year after the restaurant closed in 2011.