New Little Free Library At Bottom of 20th Avenue NE

little-library-4A new Little Free Library has been added to Victory Heights, this one is located where 20th Avenue NE turns into a walking path down towards Thornton Creek.  If your kids take the big stairs up to Sacajawea Elementary, then they would walk past it every day.  This is the sixth Little Free Library in Victory Heights (see map below). The others are located on 15th Avenue NE just north of the mosque, on 14th Avenue NE just north of NE 107th, on NE 106th Street just east of 17th Avenue, on NE 105th just east of 20th Avenue, and on 23rd Avenue NE at NE 104th Way. Visit them today! “Add a book, take a book,” as they like to say.


Second Little Free Library Added To Victory Heights

librarymapThe second Little Free Library has been installed on 23rd Avenue NE in Victory Heights and ready to lend books. The first Little Free Library, located near the park, started on November 3rd, and now thanks to Robert Gordon, the second is open for lending on the corner of NE 104th Way and 23rd Avenue NE. Assisting Robert with the installation was Keith Dekker and Fred Lupton.

Left to right: Keith Dekker, Robert Gordon and Fred Lupton next to Victory Heights' second Little Free Library.

Left to right: Keith Dekker, Robert Gordon and Fred Lupton next to Victory Heights’ second Little Free Library.

Residents now have two locations where they can find free books to borrow as well as leaving ones for others to have. If you have any spare books, please visit the new library and donate them.

Great job, everyone!

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Victory Heights Little Free Library Open For Business

Little Library 3Victory Heights now has its first of two planned Little Free Libraries up and running. Located just down the street from the park, passerbys will be able to borrow and add books to the custom-made shelters built by resident Robert Gordon. The boxes protects the books from the elements while enabling people to see the titles inside. Have an extra book lying around that you would like to lend? Put it in the library. Help yourself to a book as well, anyone can use it. You’ll find the Little Free Library on the north side of NE 106th Street, just east of 17th Avenue NE (due west from the park).

Little Library 1

Keith Dekker (left) and Robert Gordon installing the Little Free Library on NE 106th Street

Meanwhile, Robert is hard at work on the second Library which will be located on 23rd Avenue NE. Thank you Robert and Keith for your hard work!

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Community Council Discusses Elections, Little Free Libraries

The September 17th meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council had 21 people crammed into a neighbor’s house when the Co-Op Pre-school building proved unavailable at the last minute (but we’ll be back! See below). With some yummy fresh-made chocolate cookies as treats, a number of newcomers introduced themselves, as well as the usual board members and interested members of the community.

Read the complete minutes of the September meeting.

Speakers included Alice Woldt, of Fair Elections Seattle, who spoke in favor of Proposition 1 on the ballot this fall to publicly finance elections in the city of Seattle. Kate Waterous gave a recap of the highly successful Neighborhood Night Out last month, and solicited ideas for improving it next year. Brad Cummings summarized the recent North District Council meeting, and a resident described the break-in at her place earlier in the day (read more about it here).

Good news from the Victory Heights Co-Operative Preschool is that we can use the building for all of our meetings going forward through May next year. Remember to bring your own chairs if you don’t want to sit in the tiny children’s ones.

And Bob, a local resident, has volunteered to construct TWO Little Free Libraries to be located in Victory Heights. With help from a SPARKS grant from the city, we hope to do this with no cost to the Council. Expect to see these deployed soon!

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 15th, 7 PM at the Pre-School building in the park.  We hope to see you there!

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Community Council Seeks Emergency Block Captains

Last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council included a presentation from the Emergency Planning Committee about how our neighborhood should respond in the event of a catastrophic disaster that shuts down the normal means of communication and travel. To that end, a map has been created with each block in Victory Heights broken down into “zones” with the hopes of finding a Captain for each zone who would first liaise with residents in their zone in coming months, distribute city brochures on emergency preparedness, and in the event of an actual emergency, contact their neighbors, and be responsible for relaying information to a central location.

Read the full minutes of the May Meeting.

The city and emergency planning experts advise that every household should be prepared to be self-sufficient for up to three weeks before outside aid, food, electricity or water might be restored in case of a disaster. The purpose of the Planning Committee is to make residents aware of what they should do beforehand, as well as letting them know what plans for the community have been put in place. If you would like to volunteer as a Captain for your block, please let us know. The Committee will train Captains for doing outreach as well as supply all the brochures and information they will need. We all hope of course that such a disaster never occurs but we want to be ready if it ever does.

Other items discussed at last night’s meeting included the Spring Clean scheduled for Saturday, the recent break-ins in the area and how to let the police know about suspicious activity (we are their eyes and ears, call 911 if you see something that looks wrong), building a Little Free Library near the park so folks can exchange books, and organizing the picnic/Night Out in late July or early August for the entire neighborhood.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 18th, at a location to be determined (the Pre-School doesn’t have use of the building in the park during the summer months).