Lost Cat on 23rd Ave NE

Ardi and Fred write

Our gray and white kitty is missing.  He is tall with long legs and long tail.  He does not have a collar on.

Last seen around 2 pm on Monday at the corner of 104th Way and 23rd NE

His name is Supah

We’d love to know if you have sighted him.  We are very worried.

The Luptons

206 526 0470
206 661 0728

Lost Cat

Rachel on 21st Ave NE says

Our tortoise shell (brown, orange, black) cat is missing.  She is slim, sleek, and not very people friendly. She wears a collar with a bell.
We have not seen her since Monday evening.  Please let us know if you have.  We are pretty heartsick over here. Please open the sheds, garages, and old cars.

Call 206-200-3322 if you see her.