Community Council Focuses On Emergency Preparedness

Last night’s monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council focused on emergency preparedness. Cheryl Dyer, a volunteer from the City’s Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepared (SNAP), gave a talk about how to prepare for a disaster that might cut off electricity, water, gas, and possibly food.

Read the full minutes of the November meeting.

If you live in Victory Heights, you might soon be visited by a block captain who can give you literature from the city about what steps to take in advance of an emergency, as well as what to do in the immediate aftermath. The city will also hold, block by block (as organized by the captains), one-hour presentations where they boil all the information into the essentials. It is emphasized over and over, in case of a catastrophic disaster (particularly an earthquake, but the recent power outage after the windstorm shows what can happen) residents would be left to fend for themselves, perhaps for days maybe a week, before outside assistance could arrive. It’s imperative for each household to have enough water, food, light sources, and a way to keep warm and dry for several days.

Other items discussed at last night’s meeting was the new Little Free Library that has been installed on NE 106th just west of the park. A second is coming soon to 23rd Avenue NE. Holiday Caroling will return in December to Victory Heights, stay tuned for details. And stolen mail from boxes on Goodwin Way prompts reminders that residents should use locked mail boxes.

The next meeting with be on Tuesday, December 17th.

Community Council Discusses Elections, Little Free Libraries

The September 17th meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council had 21 people crammed into a neighbor’s house when the Co-Op Pre-school building proved unavailable at the last minute (but we’ll be back! See below). With some yummy fresh-made chocolate cookies as treats, a number of newcomers introduced themselves, as well as the usual board members and interested members of the community.

Read the complete minutes of the September meeting.

Speakers included Alice Woldt, of Fair Elections Seattle, who spoke in favor of Proposition 1 on the ballot this fall to publicly finance elections in the city of Seattle. Kate Waterous gave a recap of the highly successful Neighborhood Night Out last month, and solicited ideas for improving it next year. Brad Cummings summarized the recent North District Council meeting, and a resident described the break-in at her place earlier in the day (read more about it here).

Good news from the Victory Heights Co-Operative Preschool is that we can use the building for all of our meetings going forward through May next year. Remember to bring your own chairs if you don’t want to sit in the tiny children’s ones.

And Bob, a local resident, has volunteered to construct TWO Little Free Libraries to be located in Victory Heights. With help from a SPARKS grant from the city, we hope to do this with no cost to the Council. Expect to see these deployed soon!

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 15th, 7 PM at the Pre-School building in the park.  We hope to see you there!

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