SWAT Team Busts Nuisance Residence

Jim reports:

Today, June 10, 2014, police executed a search warrant at a residence (11320 19th Ave NE) where there have been persistent complaints of drug dealing and prostitution.  The police action resulted from the combined efforts of neighbors and police over a period of time.

At about 6:15 a.m. police SWAT team arrived in three armored vehicles and secured the property before a team of police searched the residence.

The resulting search yielded heroin and guns. The homeowner was arrested and taken to King County Jail and is awaiting the filing of formal charges.

Neighbors also complained that drug users were going on foot from the residence to an abandoned house at 1542 NE Northgate Way.  This latter property has been vacant for many years and remains an attractive nuisance for drug users and trespassers.

Overall, it was a victory for the neighborhood!

Breaking: Police Stand-Off on NE 100th St

UPDATE: At approximately 1:35 a transient teenager was arrested after trying to break into one of the houses. A K-9 unit was used to apprehend him, with the suspect being bitten.

At 1 PM on Thursday, a number of Seattle Police Department units (and a hook and ladder truck) converged on the middle NE 100th Street where apparently the resident at 2160 NE 100th has barricaded themselves in the house.  The street is currently closed to traffic.  Updates as we get them.