Next Bill Pierre Development Meeting May 19th

Shammara Estrada, Victory Heights’ Community Council Representative, reports,

Not sure if you are aware of this – but Bill Pierre has begun plans for redevelopment of his vast property along Lake City Way. The family has contracted with the UW Urban Design and Planning Department to facilitate planning efforts and engage the community in the conversation for the future of this property. They are primarily looking at issues such as connectivity, uses, etc and not specifically what will be built there. There will be a blog up soon with updates and more information. ┬áIf you are interested in being a part of the process, they will be having some visioning sessions.

When: Saturday, May 19, 9am-4
Where: Nathan Hale High School
What: Broken into two segments, the morning half will focus on the general framework for the property and the second half will be more small group break out sessions. For those of you that want to be included but cannot commit to a full or half day, there will be an area set aside for those just wanting to leave their ideas and comments.
Though technically in Lake City (though the city seems to think Victory Heights extends to NE 125th), the Bill Pierre properties represent a large amount of land ripe for change. What would want/not want to see there: Big box stores? Supermarkets? More “adult entertainment” venues? Parks? Here’s your chance to have your say.
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