Introduction To The North District Council

Next week the North District Council is having its monthly meeting (Wednesday, 7 PM, Lake City Library). Many, if not most of the people in Seattle are unaware of the history or even the existence of the City Neighborhood Council (CNC) and the thirteen Neighborhood District Councils. In this series of articles we’ll describe the history of the District Councils, how they are formed, and how they serve the community of Victory Heights.

These organizations were created by a resolution of Seattle City Council in 1987 that, at the same time, created the “Office of Neighborhoods” that has since become the Department of Neighborhoods.
The City Neighborhood Council (CNC) is a citizen-led advisory group, comprised of elected members from each of the City’s 13 Districts. The CNC’s purpose is to provide city-wide coordination for the Neighborhood Matching Fund, Neighborhood Budget Prioritization, and Neighborhood Planning programs. The CNC also provides a forum for a discussion of common neighborhood issues and is available for advice on policies necessary for the effective and equitable implementation of the Neighborhood Planning and Assistance Program. Its monthly meetings are open to the public.
So what are these district councils? The district councils consist of  “representatives of all community councils and neighborhood business organizations within the district who wish to participate. Other representatives may be added at the discretion of the District Council. The District Council shall seek to reflect the geographic, racial, cultural and economic characteristics of the district” [quoting from resolution 28115].
In the northeast corner of the city, we have the “North District Council” which comprise the neighborhoods of Cedar Park, Meadowbrook, Lake City, Olympic Hills, Pinehurst, Victory Heights, Northgate and Maple Leaf. The District Coordinator is Thomas Whittemore. Public meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month starting at 7 PM at the Lake City library, 12501 28th Ave NE. The next one is scheduled for June 6th.
Next : Part 2: How the Councils are formed and who serves on them.

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