District Councils: Representing Victory Heights

Wednesday is the next meeting of the North District Council (7 PM, Lake City Library). In this series of articles we discuss the Neighborhood District Councils in Seattle.
Part 1: Introduction to the North District Council
Part 2: How Representatives Are Chosen
Part 3: Is the District Council a squeaky wheel or just public relations?
Part 4: Representing Victory Heights
Shammara Estrada currently is a representative on the North District Council representing the Victory Heights Community Council. How did she originally get involved? Before her, Brad Cummings was the representative from a Victory Heights organization. He bowed out at some point and there seemed to be nobody there to fill the void. Shammara, together with Susan Causin and a few others attended their first NDC meeting to try and get a traffic circle installed at the corner of 23rd Ave NE and NE 105th St.  Although the attempt was not successful, she says, “Somehow I was ‘nominated’ to be our neighborhood representative and Susan became the backup. We loosely reformed the Victory Heights Community Council and I started to attend the NDC meetings. It’s been a great eye opening experience into City process.  It’s also been very enlightening as to what is happening through the City and especially within our immediate area.” There are plans for the Victory Heights Community Council to have a public meeting sometime this summer, we’ll announce when and where in the blog.
If you are interested in seeing neighborhood politics at the grass roots level, or just what is making others in your community hot and bothered, attend a District Council meeting and get involved. The North District Council meets next on Wednesday, June 6th at 7 PM at the Lake City Library.

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