Man Attacks Girl in Victory Heights Park

Nancy has a disturbing report about her daughter Thursday night:

Very scary event happened today at Victory Heights Park today at about 5:30-6pm.  Our daughter was at the park looking for dog tags she had lost, telling her sister that she’d be home in 10 minutes.  At the park, a man who’d been sitting on a park bench came up to her and said “hi”.  Our daughter replied, “hi”.  He then told her, “come with me, I want to show you something”.  Sadie pulled her cell phone out and told the man that her mom was calling (which I wasn’t). She started running away from the man, he ran after her, grabbed the back of her shirt.  She elbowed the man in the face, and ran down the street to hide.  He was running after her.  She did not come back to our house b/c she was afraid he’d know where she lived.  She hid for well over an hour (as I was looking all over the neighborhood for her….very scared.).  Sadie is home and fine, but  we are very shook up.
We have called the police, and they have patrols out looking for this guy.  Keep your eyes open for a man about 30 yrs old, shoulder length straight brown hair, green eyes, baggy tan shorts down to his knees, black tee shirt, well-groomed beard (no mustache), about 5’8″ tall, thin frame.  No accent.
Please keep your eyes open for him and if you see him tonight, call 911….the cops are out looking for him.

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