Goats Want Your Yard Trimmings

L to R: Thelma and Louise

Terri Bell on Victory Lane has hungry goats and they would love your garden trimmings. If you have pesticide free plants destined for the city compost, consider saving them for her goats, Thelma and Louise. Tasty morsels include: pea vines, prunings from fruit trees (not cherry) – including leaves and twigs, carrot and beet tops (roots too, if you haven’t eaten them), chard, kale and other greens you aren’t eating, pumpkin vines (not as tasty as the pumpkin itself), sunflowers, etc.
Goats cannot eat plants of the nightshade family: tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers, and tomatillos. Nor should they eat leaves from cherry trees, rhododendron, azaleas, or hops.
If you attack a blackberry patch or scotch broom, goats would take care of the cuttings. Leftover pumpkins after Halloween are a gourmet treat. Excess fruit and prunings from the fruit tree and many other trees as well as the dried, fallen leaves.
If you have a pile, Terri will pick-up. Or, if you want to meet the goats, you can bring the goodies by. Terri (and the goats) are located at 10538 Victory Lane NE (where the Block Party was held) or you can e-mail her at bellt@seattleu.edu. Come see the daily milking at 5 PM each day.

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