City Budget Vote Could Affect Lake City

The proposed City budget includes two important items that directly affect
Lake City.

  • $20,000 for the Department of Parks and Recreation to conduct a needs
    assessment for teens and seniors
  • $500,000 for the Lake City Community Center ($75K in 2013 for and
    architectural and engineering study; and $475K in 2014 for capital

The vote for this is coming up in the city council on Friday, November 9th. If you support this budget there are two public hearings to be held, Wednesday and Friday November 7th and 9th at 9:30 am. We should write to all Council Members. Council members Bagshaw, Clark, and Godden were the sponsors. That Lake City is in the budget is likely due to the Lake City Walking Tours for Council Members hosted by the Lake City Neighborhood
All you need to do is cut and paste this simplistic endorsement to the links below. Or embellish or create your own statement.
“I support the proposed City budget that includes $20,000 for the Department
of Parks and Recreation to conduct a needs assessment for Lake City teens
and seniors and $500,000 for the Lake City Community Center.”
Sally Bagshaw: email | 206-684-8801 | web site
Tim Burgess: email | 206-684-8806 | web site
Sally Clark: email | 206-684-8802 |  web site
Richard Conlin: email | 206-684-8805 | web site
Jean Godden: email | 206-684-8807 | web site
Bruce Harrell: email | 206-684-8804 | web site
Nick Licata: email | 206-684-8803 | web site
Mike O’Brien: email | 206-684-8800 | web site
Tom Rasmussen: email | 206-684-8808 | web site

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