Thornton Creek Homeless Situation

The Victory Heights Community Council has been made aware of a homeless encampment in Thornton Creek in the green belt near 17th Avenue NE.  After talking with stakeholders, they released this statement on how to deal with it going forward:

Dear neighbors,

The individuals camping near Thornton Creek will be approached by the City’s Navigation Team in the next few weeks.  They will be educated about available services and encouraged to take advantage of such.  They will be given three days to remove their belongings from the area and/or their belongings can be placed into storage.   After the three days, the Navigation Team will remove the debris and clean up the site.

Because this site is so important to our neighborhood and the health of all, we encourage everyone to contact City officials and keep the pressure on for the earliest possible resolution.

How the City prioritizes sites:

“The following criteria, which have no relative priority, shall be considered when prioritizing encampments for removal: (1) objective hazards such as moving vehicles and steep slopes; (2) criminal activity beyond illegal substance abuse; (3) quantities of garbage, debris, or waste; (4) other active health hazards to occupants or the surrounding neighborhood; (5) difficulty in extending emergency services to the site; (6) imminent work scheduled at the site for which the encampment will pose an obstruction; (7) damage to the natural environment of environmentally critical areas; and (8) the proximity of homeless individuals to uses of special concern including schools or facilities for the elderly.”

These particular encampments, along the Thornton Creek, address 4 out of 8 concerns.

  1. Human waste is being dumped close to the stream.  The pathogens contaminate ecological systems and also sicken humans and animals.
  2. If someone in that area needed emergency help, it would be VERY difficult for first responders to reach them.
  3. The Thornton Creek watershed is both Seattle’s and Shoreline’s largest watershed, and drains into Lake Washington at Matthews Beach Park. That water ultimately goes through the Lake Washington Ship Canal to Puget Sound. The creek is a historic home to at least five species of Pacific salmon and trout.
  4. That area is used by many children/families as they make their way to Sacajawea Elementary School. The first day of school is Sep 5th.


Customer Service Bureau:

Phone: (206) 684-2489

Customer Service report form

Find It, Fix It app (Android and iPhone users)

Fax: (206) 684-5529

Mailing Address:

Customer Service Bureau
PO Box 94726
Seattle, WA 98124-4726

District 5 Council Member Debora Juarez

Write, call, email. 

Use the talking points above.

Contact the CSB regularly!!


Victory Heights Community Council

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