Snow Melted, Garbage Service Resumes, How Did You Do?

How well did you survive the “snowpocalypse” this month? Did you have enough food? Drinking water? Batteries for flashlights when the electricity went out? This was a good “dress rehearsal” for your emergency preparedness in case of a serious event where city services might be days, weeks or even months in coming.

Read the complete minutes of this month’s community council meeting.

This month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was able to occur on schedule after two weeks of snow-related cancellations. Several other community organizations (like the North District Council, and the Northgate redevelopment group) were force to reschedule their meetings due to the heavy snow.

In addition from hearing from District 5 candidate John Lombard, we also talked about the need for residents to clear their sidewalks after a snowfall (city code mandates it). And garbage pick-ups are resuming in Victory Heights after two missed collections on some streets (in which case you can put out extra garbage at no extra charge, and will receive a $10 credit on your bill).

The next meeting of the community council will be on Tuesday, March 19th at 7 PM in the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park (unless it snows again).

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