Three More Shots At Food Truck Friday

Victory Heights’ Food Truck Friday has three more weeks left this year: August 27th, September 3rd and September 10th.

Read the complete minutes of the August Victory Heights Community Council meeting.

Food Truck Friday, arranged by our community President, Ben Cober, has been a huge success, featuring many varied cuisines throughout the summer. Located next to Victory Heights Park on NE 106th Place, two trucks each week park between 11 AM and 2 PM, selling delicious food to perhaps weary home workers. Be sure and check them out by September 10th.

Ben says we’ll probably try it again in 2022, but perhaps experiment with dinners on Fridays instead. Send us feedback if you have a suggestion.

On September 10th, starting at 1 PM, after you’ve eaten, wander over to the tennis court to learn more about our upcoming Community Connections program for reaching out to seniors and other folks who may not be online savvy.

On September 18th, we are looking for volunteers to help participate in an Emergency HUB drill that will be held at Maple Leaf Park (the one with the water tower). Starting at 9 AM, the HUB will be open and staffed by volunteers, but we need YOU, the general public, to come and “overwhelm” us with requests and needs (we’ll have slips of paper with various fictional scenarios, no need for you to be creative). This “stress test” is the best way for us to improve our Emergency HUBs (like the one we have in Victory Heights Park) in case of a real situation. Mark your calendars.

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