Learn about “Community Connections” this Friday, Sep 10th at 1pm in Victory Heights Park

Our need for connection is greater than ever.  Whether we’re struggling through this crazy pandemic, working together to prevent crime, or coping with natural disasters.  We are social creatures by nature.  Connection is not only crucial to surviving tough times but it’s also the key to long term well-being.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  Practice, and model, being a good neighbor by connecting with those around you. 

We ask ALL neighbors to reach out during difficult times (heat wave, wildfire smoke, power outages, snow storms, etc.) and check on those living near you.  A knock on the door or a quick phone call – just to ensure that everyone is doing okay.  There are folks around you that might need a bit more support – older adults or those with access or functional needs.  Please be certain to reach out to them.  Introduce yourself and give them your contact information.  When you do, please let them know that we also have folks in the community that care and can help if you aren’t available.  We attached a flyer to this message that you could print and give out to neighbors who you believe might appreciate knowing about another neighborhood resource.

This neighborhood resource is called “Community Connections”.  For now, we’re collecting phone numbers of folks in the Victory Heights community that might need a little extra support during difficult times.  Maybe they need help finding a booster vaccine or assembling a makeshift air filter.  Maybe they need the walkway to their car shoveled or information about warming centers during an extended power outage.  Whatever the need, we urge neighbors to look after one another and use their “Community Connections” as a secondary resource.  Coordinators for Community Connections will reach out to folks with a quick phone call – just a check-in during trying situations – to make sure all is well. 

To learn more about the program, please come chat with us  this Friday, September 10th, at 1pm in the tennis court.  We’ll have tables and chairs spaced out in the tennis court so you can bring lunch if you want – or partake of the yummy food trucks before they close up for the season. 

If you can’t make it on Friday but want to know more about the program, please call the Victory Heights Community Council at (804) 557-4273.  The call will go straight to voicemail and you will hear Ben Cober’s voice (VHCC President).  Leave your name and phone number and Louise (a VH neighbor and co-coordinator) will call you back to answer any questions you might have.

Hope to see you soon, Neighbor!

Ann and Louise

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