Gingerbread House Kits

This year again we are doing the Gingerbread House project, lovingly made by community members in Victory Heights!

Your kit comes with four walls and a peaked roof, an assortment of candies, and icing for decoration.  The house is decorated while flat and then special “construction” icing (also included) is used to raise the house.  (It dries fast from the meringue powder in with the powdered sugar.)  If you’re new to gingerbread house construction, a link to a how-to video is included in the kit.  Everything is edible (flour, cinnamon, salt, margarine, brown sugar, and corn syrup) but we won’t tell your kids.  Both types of icing – decorating and constructing – contain meringue powder (powdered egg white) so avoid if allergic.  

There is no “cost” for each kit but a $10 donation is recommended.  Order here.

Each year we provide kits free-of-charge to the Ryther Children’s Center and this year is no different.  They have asked for 20 houses for their clients – and we are honored to support them – but we need the community to help us recoup our costs.

* Pick up your gingerbread kit(s) at WinterFest!  

   Sunday, Dec 12th

   4pm – 6pm

   Victory Heights Park

Seasonal music – Luminary walk – Free popcorn – Hot cider!

A food truck will be available that evening if you want to take dinner home with you.

A good time will be had by all!

Questions?  Please contact Ann Forrest at – or call (360) 550-2234.

– Reach out if you can’t pick up your kit at WinterFest (Sunday, Dec 12th) and we’ll make different arrangements.

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