Community Council President Ben Cober Resigns, Elections Coming

At the February meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council this week, President Ben Cober reluctantly announced he would be resigning at the end of the month.

Read the complete minutes of the February meeting.

Ben, who had been renting a house in Victory Heights while serving as president for the past two years, alas had to look elsewhere in order to buy a house for his growing family, and it has taken him away from our neighborhood (and city, AND county–those house prices are no joke!). In addition to energizing our community council during his term, Ben spearheaded the recent Winterfest, Mayor Mondays last year, and Food Truck Fridays (which is coming back–see below). We are really going to miss Ben, who seemed to have limitless energy and ideas for improving our community, and we thank him for his service. Watch Ben’s farewell address on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the council has resurrected the Board of Trustees, to help guide the community council going forward, with volunteers stepping up to either chair or co-chair various committees. You can read about the new Trustees here. Elections will soon be held for the four officer positions in the community council: President, Vice-President (unfilled for several years now), Treasurer, and Secretary. Former president Ann Forrest will step in as an interim-president until then.

Upcoming Events: Teen Feed will be back in March after a brief hiatus.

UPDATED: Learn more about the Emergency Communication Hubs – from the comfort of home!  (Hubs help our community support one another after a disaster; our gear is in that tan, metal box next to the tennis court.) Thursday, March 17th, 7pm Sign up here – . Another event is coming April 30th. [The original article had an event listed on March 6th which was canceled.]

In May, Food Truck Friday will resume, now in Prime Time (6 – 8 PM), with two (sometimes three) trucks a week bringing delicious, fresh fare to our neighborhood (by the park). It will include 14 new trucks we didn’t see in 2021, it should be an exciting, delicious time throughout the summer.

The next meeting is Monday, March 21st via Zoom. Join our email list to keep up to date.

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