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Barred Owls Seen Near Thornton Creek

Take a look at this photo. Can you find three owls? If you didn’t spot them, scroll down to the second photo below with hints. These Barred Owls were seen Tuesday in Thornton Creek Park #2, southeast of the 15th … Continue reading

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Video: What's big and furry and likes to climb trees?

I spotted this large raccoon yesterday waddling across my backyard in the middle of the day, pretty much on the same path that many of the neighborhood cats use. Today I caught it in action near the side of my … Continue reading

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Coyotes In The Neighborhood

When I first moved to Victory Heights in 2009 I was walking up NE 100th Street early one evening when I looked up the street to see a silhouette of what appeared to be a dog standing at the top … Continue reading

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