Seattle Parks and Recreation Seeking Names for Parks Along Thornton Creek

The public is invited to submit potential names for four separate areas of park land in the Thornton Creek watershed. Parks intends to keep the “Thornton Creek” identifier in each of the new formal names.
Here in the Victory Heights neighborhood we have Park 2 with formal access points at NE 102nd St. and 17th Ave. NE and at NE 104th and 17th Sts. NE, as well as two areas along NE 100th St.
Parks encourages your naming suggestions take into account the features of the park, including the wildlife habitat, flora and fauna in the area.
Many in our community are suggesting Towering Firs Natural Area or Place of Towering Firs for Park 2 and are encouraging everyone to write a letter submitting this name.
The deadline for park names in writing is Thursday, March 3, 2011
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