Suspicious Man Seen in Neighborhood April 5th

Reported by a neighbor on 21st Ave between NE 100th & NE 102nd Streets on Thursday:

I just saw a Caucasian man, maybe 40’s, 50’s in a black Ford Ranger License B19329U checking out the house on the NW corner of 21st Ave NE.  He was parked across the street on 21st, alongside the Haucke’s.  He would not answer me when I asked him what he was doing, then he got his camera out and took pictures.  He then got back in his truck and drove up 21st, got out and took pictures of the Dallin’s house.  Again when I asked him what he was doing he warned me to leave him alone.   He then turned around again, went back down to the corner parked, got out and surveyed the house on the corner again.
I reported this to the police.
He could have had a perfectly legitimate reason for doing all this, but I find it very suspicious that he would not tell me what he was doing.
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