Yo Ho! Halloween Ghost Ship "Crashes" on NE 103rd Street

Over the weekend an impressive nautical Halloween display was constructed in the front yard of Jon Bunnell’s house at 2024 NE 103rd Street. It is a large scale model of a sailing ship that appears to have crashed on the rocks in front of the house with a prow that extends out over the street. On Halloween night visitors will be welcomed to Jon’s house, dubbed for the night the “Admiral Benbow Inn” (“Treasure Island” fans take note) and view the ship which will be decked out with sails, a skeleton figurehead on the front, and working (potato) cannons.
Jon was assisted by friends and neighbors including Kerry Knestis, owner of New Classic Homes. He donated almost all of the scrap material, which pleased his wife Amy Lang (who runs Birds and Bees) and dedicated the weekend to working on it. Kerry is happy to recreate the ship if anyone wants one of their own, or anything “normal” built. Their son Milo had the idea of making the ship crash out of the rockery, and provided his cannon. The figurehead is being built by Dan Knauff, who lives just north of the park. When he isn’t working in a cabinet shop, or juggling, Dan dabbles in large scale puppets and figures. Also on the crew was John Adams. Although not legally a Victory Height resident, he lent a lot help of during the build, using his architects eye for some of the details. Other folks have donated misc ropes, anchors, sails, etc.
Jon says, “My daughter Norah loves it, and my wife Kristin has offered to let me keep it, as long I live aboard permanently….. Hope to see people on Halloween!”

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