Caroling In The Park Draws Dozens

Victory Heights Caroling 2018 Edition on Sunday night added some new wrinkles this year. In addition to live musical accompaniment provided by members of the Nathan Hale High School band, carolers congregated in the park to sing rather than going door-to-door.

Two dozen people showed up on what turned out to be a dry evening (and despite competition from the Seahawks-Chiefs game that was on) with hot cocoa and candy canes available for consumption.

This is the 7th year in a row that the Victory Heights Community Council has sponsored a caroling event in our neighborhood. Song sheets were passed to participants (and laminated–a lesson learned from the year we did it in pouring rain) and even the smallest kids were able to participate.

Thanks, everyone, for participating, and the students who helped out from Nathan Hale.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and remember trash pick up this week and next will be on Friday.

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