Assistance Available For Those Needing Vaccine Appointments

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Know someone who doesn’t have internet access but is trying to get an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine? Let them know the Victory Heights Community Council has set up a hotline that can have people call 804-557-4273 to leave their name and number. One of four volunteers from the community council will call them back and get their particulars and then set up a vaccine appointment on their behalf. We have no idea how popular this may or not be but we’re going to give it a try. The State also has a Covid-19 hotline for assistance: 1-800-525-0127.

Read the minutes of the February community council meeting.

In other news, you can sign up to volunteer with Green Seattle Partnership to join (Covid-safe) work parties down in the Thornton Creek greenbelt to pull invasive plants, and do restoration of native species. Check their calendar and sign up.

This month we are helping out the Show The Love! Campaign, to send (belated) Valentine’s Day cards to local healthcare workers at Meridian Center For Health. Please feel free to place your fantastic cards inside the clear storage bin beneath the Victory Heights Playground Community Message Board between Friday, February 19th and Friday, February the 26th. Collected cards will be gathered each night by the Victory Heights Community Council and delivered to the Center on the 26th.

And starting in April through to September, once a month we are going to have a different food truck visit our neighborhood! A chance to support local businesses and maybe get a change of pace from the same food you’ve been cooking for the past year. Times and locations to be announced.

Victory Heights continues to volunteer once a month for the Teen Feed to help homeless youth get a hot meal. Upcoming dates to help make chicken teriyaki, rice, roast vegetables or a dessert are March 2nd, April 12th and May 10th. Sign up here:

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