Metro Transit Speaker Live This Tuesday

If the 2021 changes to Metro transit routes interests you, Transportation Planner, King County Metro, Dave VanderZee will present at our monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council on Tuesday, February 18th. The meeting starts at 7 PM at the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

To recap:

Metro and Sound Transit are considering changes to over 30 routes that serve North King County.

Sound Transit and King County Metro are working together to adjust bus routes so that North King County residents can take advantage of the coming light rail options. ¬†Our ideas include ending some bus routes at the Northgate, Roosevelt or U District stations, where riders could transfer to Link. We’re receptive to feedback, and there’s room for change as we design routes.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a service plan in partnership with King County Metro to consistently connect riders to Link, provide new connections and add additional evening and weekend service.

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