Metro Transit Proposes Many Bus Route Changes Once Light Rail Opens in 2021

Metro Transit (and Sound Transit) have released preliminary plans for how bus routes around Victory Heights will be changing once Link Light Rail service begins in September 2021. For now these are just proposals, this is the public comment period before the new service is implemented.

For starters, Route 75 would be rerouted to NE 125th Street, a new Route 61 would start in Lake City, then cross Northgate Way, stop at the new Northgate light rail station and then continue down to Greenwood and extend all the way out to Crown Hill to provide cross-town bus service.

The suburban buses that pass by our neighborhood’s east side along Lake City Way, the 312 and 522, would no longer provide direct service downtown but instead would terminate at the new Roosevelt light rail station on NE 65th Street. The 372 on Lake City Way would continue to service the Husky Stadium light rail station (via Steven’s Way on campus) and then continue through the U District to terminate at the new Brooklyn station.

The 73 would continue to run on 15th Avenue NE with service to the Roosevelt and Brooklyn stations.

Just south of us, NE 75th Street from 15th Avenue NE through Wedgwood and View Ridge to 55th Avenue NE would have bus service for the first time ever via the new Route 79, which would connect the Roosevelt station with Sand Point Way and continue as the 74.

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