Visit The Seattle Skeleton House on 20th Avenue NE

Since March 20th, Victory Heights’ residents Mariana and Eric Braun have put on displays in their front yard featuring a couple of skeletons. Located at 10303 20th Avenue NE, every 3 or 4 days they have changed the theme, including various local teams, Ghostbusters, or straight-up gags:

Mariana, a former social media manager, now lawyer, thought the displays would be a fun diversion during the corona virus lockdown for folks walking past their house to enjoy.

They purchased the skeletons at a post-Halloween sale last November, and along with props they have lying around, or donated by friends (such as Seattle Storm jerseys, a wig, and jewelry), they have come up with a fun and amusing addition to our neighborhood. Future themes will include the Mariners and Kraken. And if you have some extra birthday party supplies or pirate gear, they would love to use them.

You can follow them using the #SeattleSkeletonHouse on Instagram. And see all the previous displays on this page on the blog which will be updated with new photos as they are created.

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