Head Rush Espresso Opens As Bikini Stand

The new espresso stand in the parking lot of the former Italian Spaghetti House opened yesterday as a bikini stand. Business was brisk on a wet Thursday afternoon with two scantily-clad young women inside serving drinks to passing vehicles. The large window, which cannot be seen from the street side, affords a good view inside, although walk-up customers will not be served, per company policy.
Some local residents were less than pleased. In a comment on our original post, Alyssa Powers wrote today, “It’s too bad because I would go to it if it was a regular espresso stand.” It certainly doesn’t improve the image of Lake City Way, already the home of two strip clubs and a nearby adult video store.
However, it’s not illegal to wear a bikini in public, and a visit to any local beach on a sunny day affords similar views without having to even purchase an overpriced beverage.
Chime in with your comments, please. Is it the end of civilization as we know it, or life as usual in the 21st Century along a busy state highway?

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