Compassionate Seattle Plans Moment of Silence June 10th

In response to the recent violence in the city, Compassionate Seattle invites all citizens to pause for three minutes of silent contemplation, prayer, reflection or meditation on Sunday, June 10 at 12:00 noon. At 11:45 AM, everyone can step into the streets to ring our bells as a “call to silence”. A call has been put out to all the Church/community bells to also start ringing at 11:45 AM. At 12:00 PM, three minutes of silence.
They invite people to gather at the actual sites of shootings for a city-wide moment of silence in South Seattle, Pioneer Square, MLK/Cherry, Town Hall parking lot, Seattle Center and Café Racer.
Come to the dialogue later that day from 4 to 7 pm at Seattle Center –
Intiman’s Playbox Theatre.  It will be a time for participants to
express how they have been impacted by violence in the community,
their vision for a just, compassionate, and safe Seattle, and then to
identify compassionate actions we can take to generate positive peace
and strengthen the health and vitality of our city.  (There will be a
follow up dialogue on Sunday June 24).
There is also a Facebook page for the event.

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