Recycling Tips from Recology

During the July meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council we heard from Brooke Stoosma of Recology, our garbage collection company about best recycling practices.

Read the complete minutes of the July meeting.

There are three waste streams that are picked up in our neighborhood: recycling, compost, and good old garbage. Here’s what should go into each:

Recycling: Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal, although plastic comes with a caveat. Something that is rigid (e.g. a water bottle) is okay, but anything considering “2-D” or shapeless like plastic wrap or bags cannot, they go in the trash. So does anything smaller than 3” (“the size of your fist”). Bottle tops are okay if they are the same material as their container and are screwed on. Everything needs to be empty, clean and relatively dry (e.g. Fill a catsup bottle with ½” water, screw on the lid, shake vigorously, pour out water, tap 3 times on the rim of the sink. Done!).

Compost: Food waste, yard waste, and food-soiled paper. Compostable utensils are okay if they are marked as “100% compostable”). No Kleenex or wipes, but “clean” paper towels (without any cleaning products) are okay.

Garbage: Amazon plastic mailers, chip bags, plastic bags, straws, plastic utensils and Styrofoam. If it kills you to throw out plastic bags, they can be taken to locations you can find by searching And Styrofoam pickups can be pre-arranged by contacting SPU (maximum of 32 gallons).

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