VHCC Funds Honey Bucket Return In Park

The Victory Heights Community Council has paid to have a Honey Bucket (aka Porta-Potty, Sani-Can, etc) returned to Victory Heights Park. In 2020, Seattle Parks placed a Honey Bucket in the park which proved to be popular, especially during the original mid-day Food Truck Fridays held during the pandemic. It was removed at the end of 2023 when funding ran out. Using their own funds, the community council is now paying for the rental and upkeep of the Honey Bucket so it will be available again.

The Victory Heights Community Council is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that relies on donations from the community for all of its funding. If you enjoy the amenities in our neighborhood (Food Truck Fridays, Ice Cream Social, Winterfest, Chili Cook-Off, Honey Bucket, etc.), please make a donation so we can continue to provide these services and events. You can donate using Square: https://victory-heights-cc.square.site. Please make a donation today (did you know that the community council pays for insurance each year that allows us to put on events like Food Truck Fridays and the annual Ice Cream Social?). Thank you for your help.

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