The Seattle Northeast Tool Library Has Thousand Of Tools Ready To Be Loaned

At the September meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, we heard from Shannon Roberts and Josh Epstein, of the NE Tool Library, located at 10228 Fischer Place NE, just east of Lake City Way in lower Victory Heights.

Read the complete minutes of the September meeting.

Josh told us a brief history of the tool library, which had been located near Dahl Playfield in Wedgwood, but moved to the site of the former Lavilla Dairy on Fischer Place in November 2018. As an all-volunteer organization, hours are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and all day Saturday. You can peruse their vast catalog of stuff online at . You just need to join (donations are voluntary), and like a regular library, you can “check out” their items. They also host events like Fixers Night, Tool Sharpening, an annual Tool Sale, and Cider Press. There is also a bike shack for doing repairs, a seed library, and catering supplies. “Come visit, we’d love to show you around the space,” said Josh.

In other Victory Heights news, we have started 30 new online interest groups including board games, wine and cheese, golf, and a book club. It’s all done over email, to get a list of all the groups, write:

The Chili Cookoff is coming this Sunday, October 3rd from 4-6 PM (you don’t even need to miss the Seahawks game). It will be near Victory Heights Park and feature our volunteer chefs who will be competing in two categories: meat and meatless. We’ll have electricity to keep things warm, and possibly some spoons and bowls, but maybe bring your own just in case, and be prepared to help us crown a winner (there will be trophies).

Our next (virtual) meeting will be Tuesday, October 19th at 7 PM. And be sure to join our Facebook group to keep up date on all activities.

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Victory Heights Chili Cook Off October 3rd

The weather is turning; it’s time for CHILI!  Put your culinary skills to the test in Victory Heights’ first ever “Chili Cook Off“.  Start perfecting those recipes; this event is two weeks away!


– Sunday, Oct 3rd
– 4pm to 6pm
– Contestants will set up near the Victory Heights park. We will find cooks a spot in the right-of-way. (Electricity will be provided to keep your culinary masterpieces hot and tasty!)
– A winner will be selected from each of the two categories (with meat and meatless)
DEADLINE to sign up is FRIDAY, SEP 24th!  More details here…
– The public will vote for the winner in each category.  Prizes awarded!

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“Double-Trouble” Event on Sept. 18th Is A Win-Win

Ever wonder what’s in that metal, tan-colored box by the tennis courts?  Find out when Seattle’s Emergency Communication Hubs respond to imaginary earthquakes using the gear that’s in that box. 

Double Trouble”, our upcoming exercise, is on:

Saturday, Sep 18

9am to 1pm

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park / Playground (not in Victory Heights Park)

            Hub Volunteers need YOU to make this exercise successful.  They need practice responding to the overwhelming requests for help that are likely after the “big one” hits.  Everyone benefits from these drills.  Volunteers get better at supporting their communities, the public learns what the Hubs can and cannot do, and the overall system gets stronger.  Win Win Win. 

            What is an “Emergency Communication Hub”?  It is a practical solution that takes advantage of a well-known phenomenon.  Humans are social creatures; they instinctively gather after a large disaster to figure out what to do.  Whether formally identified or not, every community has a natural gathering spot.  It’s usually a green space, a parking lot, or a wide street.  Somewhere open to the sky.  We call these spaces “Hubs”.  Groups of volunteers all over Seattle are familiar with the natural gathering spots in their neighborhoods and have agreed to “activate” when normal communications are down (no cell phone signals and no internet) to help their communities.  These groups of neighbors become their communities’ Emergency Communication Hub.  Seattle currently has sixty-six active Hubs.  They have a system to collect and post information from authorities and help their neighbors meet basic needs.  In the more developed sites, like Victory Heights, neighbors have pre-positioned supplies and equipment to help with this organizing effort.  These supplies will be used and the processes will be tested during this exercise in September.  

            PLEASE DON’T MISS THIS DRILL!  Many Victory Heights neighbors have participated in emergency drills in the past but this event will be a great refresher and/or training session.  We don’t practice enough to be skilled responders – and it will be fun!

            Show up for either, or both, imaginary earthquake events.  Saturday, Sep 18th, from 9am to 1pm we’ll be on the north side of town – at the Maple Leaf Playground.  Saturday, Sep 25th, from 9am to 1pm we’ll be on the south side of town – Jefferson Park.  Getting involved is easy.  More information can be found on the website at or by contacting Ann Forrest @

            Parking is available at:

  1. St. Catherine of Siena Church (814 NE 85th Street)
  2. The Fairview Church (844 NE 78th Street)
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Learn about “Community Connections” this Friday, Sep 10th at 1pm in Victory Heights Park

Our need for connection is greater than ever.  Whether we’re struggling through this crazy pandemic, working together to prevent crime, or coping with natural disasters.  We are social creatures by nature.  Connection is not only crucial to surviving tough times but it’s also the key to long term well-being.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  Practice, and model, being a good neighbor by connecting with those around you. 

We ask ALL neighbors to reach out during difficult times (heat wave, wildfire smoke, power outages, snow storms, etc.) and check on those living near you.  A knock on the door or a quick phone call – just to ensure that everyone is doing okay.  There are folks around you that might need a bit more support – older adults or those with access or functional needs.  Please be certain to reach out to them.  Introduce yourself and give them your contact information.  When you do, please let them know that we also have folks in the community that care and can help if you aren’t available.  We attached a flyer to this message that you could print and give out to neighbors who you believe might appreciate knowing about another neighborhood resource.

This neighborhood resource is called “Community Connections”.  For now, we’re collecting phone numbers of folks in the Victory Heights community that might need a little extra support during difficult times.  Maybe they need help finding a booster vaccine or assembling a makeshift air filter.  Maybe they need the walkway to their car shoveled or information about warming centers during an extended power outage.  Whatever the need, we urge neighbors to look after one another and use their “Community Connections” as a secondary resource.  Coordinators for Community Connections will reach out to folks with a quick phone call – just a check-in during trying situations – to make sure all is well. 

To learn more about the program, please come chat with us  this Friday, September 10th, at 1pm in the tennis court.  We’ll have tables and chairs spaced out in the tennis court so you can bring lunch if you want – or partake of the yummy food trucks before they close up for the season. 

If you can’t make it on Friday but want to know more about the program, please call the Victory Heights Community Council at (804) 557-4273.  The call will go straight to voicemail and you will hear Ben Cober’s voice (VHCC President).  Leave your name and phone number and Louise (a VH neighbor and co-coordinator) will call you back to answer any questions you might have.

Hope to see you soon, Neighbor!

Ann and Louise

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Teen Feed On Saturday, September 4th

Congratulations, Victory Heights!  We celebrated our first year feeding homeless teens!

Please support us as we enter our second year!  We can’t do it without your help! 

We’re committed to providing one meal a month to TeenFeed – a non-profit that offers support to homeless youth.  Founded in 1987, operations shifted with the emergence of COVID but TeenFeed remains a low-barrier organization that provides a hot meal, as well as many other services, to ~80 homeless youth every day of the year.  

Choose a dish to make for Saturday, September 4th from the menu here…

  • More details provided on the SignUp…
  • Food can be store bought or homemade – no pressure to be a Chef Boyardee! 
  • We just need it delivered warm (if it’s a hot dish) to 2005 NE 105th St (Amber/Jerry’s house) at 5 PM so the food can be driven down to the University District for distribution.

Menu for September:

  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Teriyaki tofu
  • Sesame noodle salad
  • Roasted broccoli
  • Fresh fruit

This is a great opportunity to come together as a community and support those less fortunate.  Please reach out with additional questions.  If you can’t help this month but would like to be contacted in the future, please contact us at to be added to our list of Community Cooks!


Ann Forrest & Amber Benson


FYI…  Family crisis is the most prevalent reason youth and young adults identify for becoming homeless.

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Three More Shots At Food Truck Friday

Victory Heights’ Food Truck Friday has three more weeks left this year: August 27th, September 3rd and September 10th.

Read the complete minutes of the August Victory Heights Community Council meeting.

Food Truck Friday, arranged by our community President, Ben Cober, has been a huge success, featuring many varied cuisines throughout the summer. Located next to Victory Heights Park on NE 106th Place, two trucks each week park between 11 AM and 2 PM, selling delicious food to perhaps weary home workers. Be sure and check them out by September 10th.

Ben says we’ll probably try it again in 2022, but perhaps experiment with dinners on Fridays instead. Send us feedback if you have a suggestion.

On September 10th, starting at 1 PM, after you’ve eaten, wander over to the tennis court to learn more about our upcoming Community Connections program for reaching out to seniors and other folks who may not be online savvy.

On September 18th, we are looking for volunteers to help participate in an Emergency HUB drill that will be held at Maple Leaf Park (the one with the water tower). Starting at 9 AM, the HUB will be open and staffed by volunteers, but we need YOU, the general public, to come and “overwhelm” us with requests and needs (we’ll have slips of paper with various fictional scenarios, no need for you to be creative). This “stress test” is the best way for us to improve our Emergency HUBs (like the one we have in Victory Heights Park) in case of a real situation. Mark your calendars.

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Three More Mayor Mondays, Jessyn Farrell on July 28th

Mayor Mondays, where Victory Heights invites the various candidates for Seattle Mayor to meet us and make a presentation (via Zoom) concludes with three more before the August 3rd primary.

On Monday, July 26th, Dr. Bliss will be joining us starting at 6 PM. Then on a special Wednesday night session on July 28th, Jessyn Farrell (rescheduled from an earlier date). And finally, on Monday, August 2, Casey Sixkiller. Then it will be time to fill out your primary ballots and have them postmarked by the 3rd. To get Zoom credentials to join in, write to our email:

Read the entire minutes of the Victory Heights Community Council meeting.

In other Victory Heights news, the parks department is going to look at the large weeds that have mainly replaced the grass in the field. However, they won’t fix the wooden fence that runs alongside the east side of the park next to 19th Avenue NE: if they city were to replace it would be with an ugly metal highway barrier. Bleah!

On July 4th, a car took out one of the new art utility boxes on 23rd Avenue NE. Comcast replaced it with a temporary box but as they don’t need it any more, instead it will be permanently replaced with a flush cap. We will attempt to reuse the artwork on a future project.

Neighborhood Night Out is coming Tuesday, August 3rd. Get together with folks on your block so you can know your neighbors and be better ready for disaster preparedness (or just general safety).

Food Truck Fridays continue at the park each Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM. And don’t forget the Lake City Farmers Market by the library every Thursday afternoon.

Coming soon: The Silly Walk!

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Seattle Skeleton House Moving To Denver

The Seattle Skeleton House with its clever front yard displays on 20th Avenue NE for the past few years is leaving Victory Heights for Denver. In a sign posted on Saturday, the Brauns announced, “Bye Neighbors! 🙁 The Skeletons are moving to Denver. Thanks for all the memories! Follow their adventure on IG @SeattleSkeletonHouse. We’re packing up + moving! We’re going to miss you all! –Skeleton House.”

The two skeletons have been delighting neighbors who would check every few days to see what they would be up to. In a fitting final tableaux they are packing their boxes:

Check out previous images on our Skeleton House page. Thanks for the memories! The neighborhood won’t be the same without your ghoulish humor.

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Northgate Pedestrian Bridge Erected, And Other Area News

Looking west at North Seattle College, the new span crosses over the southbound lanes of I-5

The long-gestating bike/pedestrian bridge across Interstate 5 that will connect the new Link Light Rail station with North Seattle College finally had its final piece assembled last night. Building a bridge over an active freeway is always a challenge, and the contractors built the forms in the medians and then with two early Sunday-morning freeway closures, were able to hoist them into position.

Looking north towards the new span of the bike/pedestrian bridge over I-5

When the light rail station opens in October 2021, the new bridge will allow pedestrians and bicyclists from the west side of I-5 to easily cross and either directly enter the station or take a ramp down to 1st Avenue NE.

Sound Transit hosted many, many open houses over the years featuring many different design specs, but funding was always a problem, and it wasn’t assured there would be a bridge built at all by the time the first trains began running.

The Northgate Link Light Rail Station opens October 2nd, 2021

In other news, the Victory Heights Community Council announced the huge success of the neighborhood-wide yard sale last weekend, with 40 houses participating and perfect weather in an otherwise wet weekend.

Read the entire minutes of the June Victory Heights Community Council.

The Lake City Farmers Market is back in 2021, starting every Thursday beginning July 1st next to the Lake City Library from 3 PM to 7 PM.

Food Truck Fridays continue each week in Victory Heights Park from 11 AM to 2 PM. See our Facebook page for vendor details each week.

Mayor Mondays keeps adding more candidates which will take us up to the eve of Primary Day in August. 6 PM on Zoom each Monday with a new candidate. Lance Randall will be appearing on June 21st.

The Potluck/Ice Cream Social is tentatively scheduled this year for July 20th from 6-8 PM on NE 106th Street next to Victory Heights Park. At this moment officially the city isn’t allowing groups larger than 50 to congregate but all that is set to change on June 30th when all pandemic restrictions are due to be lifted in King County, and we hope to obtain a permit from the city to close the street and have our large gathering.

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