Tree Activists Protest New City Proposals

The City of Seattle’s new proposals for tree regulations and a 5 year update of the Urban Forest Management Plan have come under protest by tree activists. Michael Oxman of Save Seattle Trees notes that, “key components will be left out of the 2 proposals, such as a new requirement that a permit be issued prior to citizens being allowed to remove trees from private property.” He is also disturbed that, “Since Resoultion 31138 was issued in 2009, no attempt has been made to determine the number or quality of trees that have been cut down by either city staff or by citizens doing maintenance or construction of new development.” He urges people to attend a meeting of the Urban Forestry Commission on Wednesday, July 11th at 3 PM in Room 2750 of the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave and make their views known during the opening public comment period.

Trees slated for removal along NE Northgate Way

Meanwhile, residents near Northgate are upset about a plan by Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to cut down 18 “healthy” trees as part of the widening of NE Northgate Way at 5th Ave NE. Janet Way said, “It’s an insult to the community,” and Ruth Williams noted, “We should make sure SDOT means what they say and will replace the trees with specimens of similar size.  Since they will no longer be on the sidewalk shading pedestrians, but out in the median shading vehicles, there will be fewer overhead wires and awnings to contend with.  Will SDOT be able to add a few natives to their tree list and plant some now?”  They urged concerned citizens to contact SDOT via e-mail or phone (206-462-6348) and register their concerns.

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