School Fundraisers Need Your Help

Tis the season for school fundraisers. Both the local schools serving Victory Heights have drives going on currently.
Victory Heights ParkThe Victory Heights Co-Op Preschool is fundraising to support family scholarships, field trips/special programs, replacing and updating toys and the park playground equipment and maintaining/upgrading the community center building. The traditional holiday wreath is now available. Depending on the greenery you select, 30-50% of the total price goes to the preschool and if you live in Victory Heights, it will be delivered to your home! Support not only early education, but also our very own neighborhood preschool and kids!
They are also selling Cougar Mountain cookie dough, Victrola coffee and Chinook books (both printed and smart phone apps). Melinda Frye, who is organizing the fundraiser needs to have all orders in by November 1st and the wreaths will be delivered prior to Thanksgiving! You can e-mail her directly at and she will organize your order right away!
sacajaweaMeanwhile, the Sacajawea Elementary School PTA is is holding a couple of fundraisers right now including:

  • Chinook Books. Very convenient if you get the app, as you can carry the coupons on your smart phone. $15 for the app, the hard copy book is $20, and a combination of both is $30.
  • Move-a-thon Oct 25th: The kids run around a 1/8 track for 20 minutes, and try to log as many laps as they can. You can sponsor kids by lap or just a set amount. This link answers Frequently Asked Questions about the event.

All the money raised goes to Sacajawea PTA general fund for tutors, field trips, funds for teachers to buy supplies not provided by the district, art supplies, and other important items and experiences. All schools are on a shoestring budget these days, and every little extra helps a lot. You can always write a tax-deductable check as well, and any school or PTA would be thrilled by your support.

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