The Victory Heights Blog is managed by Ryan, a resident in Lower Victory Heights. Send submissions to victoryheights@aol.com.

About the former Place of Towering Firs Blog (archive added here on April 27, 2012):

A Place of Towering Firs

Victory Heights is a north Seattle neighborhood from NE 98th to NE 115th Street, bordered on the west by 15th Ave NE and on the east by Lake City Way. These boundaries are approximate.

The dominant natural features of the neighborhood are Thornton Creek natural area and the high concentration of mature evergreens. Victory Heights was originally developed as a 200-acre residence park in 1920 and was named for the Victory Highway (now Lake City Way).

Seattle Times, May 2, 1920

Victory Heights Data

City of Seattle Victory Heights Map

Victory Heights Walk Score

Victory Heights Playground

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  2. Hi,

    Just saw your note on the NextDoor site. Glad to see you have started a hyperlocal blog. But check your headline on the “stranger danger” post … it reads “Stranger Dancer”.

    Good luck.


    • Ack, thanks for pointing that out, Michael. I’ll fix it at once. Oops!

      Please “like” our Facebook page. I just need three more and Facebook will release the insight stats. Thanks.


  3. I noticed that 98th street is included in the Victory Heights area? All of our houses from Lake City Way to 15th st. are really in the Maple Leaf area. There is a steep slope that cuts us off from anyone in Victory Heights. It’s as if we are in no man’s land, weird. I’m wondering if someone could include 98th as being in Maple Leaf?


    • Generally we use Thornton Creek as the southern boundary of Victory Heights (so does Maple Leaf, see this map on their site: http://www.mapleleafcommunity.org/w-w-w_map01_pg.html) which would put you in Maple Leaf. But you know what? You can be in any neighborhood you choose to consider yourself in. There are no hard-and-fast “borders” to these designations, in fact up on the north side, we overlap several blocks with Pinehurst.

      • Thanks Ryan! BTW, I think Victory Heights is a great neighborhood!

        I was looking on Redfin and Zillow which lists us as Victory Heights, our neighbors across the street is in Maple Leaf 🙂 Thornton Creek runs through our property about 25 feet on the west side. Guess you could say that our house is in Maple Leaf and a portion of our yard is Victory Heights, LOL.

        • Let’s not even get started on how real estate agents list neighborhoods (the hoops they jump through just to avoid ever saying “Lake City” are hilarious). It’s whatever neighborhood sounds the most posh on a real estate listing, really.

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  5. Stray cats or unmanaged cats by pet owners have become a problem. I’ve personally spent hundreds of dollars and hours of time maintaining our garden near the front of our driveway. Cats routinely go there to dig and excrete as if it is their personal litter box. I’m tired of cleaning this up due to irresponsible pet owners. I have purchased an audible alarm based on movement to deter this activity, which has worked beautifully. That is until someone decided to walk onto my property and turn it off 3 times now. I would love to see you do this. My address is 1733 NE 104th St. If you desire to discuss, by all means please do so. However, walking on my property and touching my property is trespassing. Just to let you know, I’ve installed a camera, so now you will be identified. The sole reason these items are sold are due to irresponsible pet owners. You have no right to disable anything on my property. I will seek legal action next time since I’ll know who did it. Your pets don’t rule the world and by the way, the VH park has a leash law….obey it.
    Thank you,

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