Lost Cat

Rachel on 21st Ave NE says

Our tortoise shell (brown, orange, black) cat is missing.  She is slim, sleek, and not very people friendly. She wears a collar with a bell.
We have not seen her since Monday evening.  Please let us know if you have.  We are pretty heartsick over here. Please open the sheds, garages, and old cars.

Call 206-200-3322 if you see her.

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One Response to Lost Cat

  1. Lisa Chan says:

    I think I’ve seen her hanging at the corner of NE 133rd St. And 30th Ave NE. Last sighting was Tuesday at 3pm. (206) 349-4785 for more info. I’ll look out for her tomorrow. She was in my neighbor’s yard. My dog founder her in the bushes. My dog is kitty safe, but kitty told her what’s what. I hope we can get her home to her owner.

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