Community Council Approves By-Laws; Elects Officers

On Tuesday, the Victory Heights Community Council met at the Pre-School in Victory Heights Park and approved new By-Laws and elected a slate of officers and Board Members. Twenty-two residents attended the meeting, many of whom found out about it via the sandwich board signs I placed around the neighborhood last week (well worth the three hours it took me to letter them).
Some minor changes were made to the Draft By-Laws which were then approved unanimously (with one abstention).
Ardith Lupton was elected President; Sharon Haggerty Vice President; Ryan Johnson Secretary; Brad Cummings Treasurer; and Eileen Canola, Susan Causin, Justin Almeida, Kate Waterous and Heidi Smeller as Board members.
Meetings will continue to be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, the next will be February 19th, starting at 7PM at the Pre-School.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.
Read the minutes of the meeting (PDF document).
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