Does 20th Ave NE & NE 105th Street Need Traffic Calming?

Looking north at the intersection of 20th Ave NE and NE 105th Street

Looking north at the intersection of 20th Ave NE and NE 105th Street

A topic that came up during last month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was a proposal to do some sort of “traffic calming” [Seattle-ese for traffic circles, yield signs, or speed bumps] at the intersection of 20th Avenue NE and NE 105th Street (the SE corner of Victory Heights Park). The is where 20th Avenue “jig jogs” as it crosses NE 105th to 19th Avenue NE, an uncontrolled intersection with many blind corners. However, speaking with the residents whose houses surround the intersection found most felt nothing needed to be added.  “People are careful,” said Jim whose tan house can be seen in the photo, directly behind where northbound 20th Avenue “T”s out. His driveway is on the 19th Avenue side (facing the park), and although he always exercises a lot of caution when backing out, he thinks people slow down at the intersection.
Jerry, his next door neighbor, also doesn’t see the need for a traffic circle, although he pointed out he never lets his children cross the intersection without him present because of the blind corners. He wasn’t against a yield sign being put in.
His neighbor across the street was very adamant against putting anything in the intersection, particularly a traffic circle, saying, “I’d be against that.”
In fact, four of five of the neighbors I spoke with said they’d never seen an accident at the intersection and seemed to think it was okay as it was.
However this view was in contrast to Sarah, who has lived on the corner for three years, and reported several near misses and an accident a year ago in which a tow truck had been required. She was in favor of yield or stop sign going in.
The consensus definitely was against putting in a traffic circle, like the one that already exists just one block north at NE 106th Street, or the one soon coming a few blocks east at 23rd Avenue NE. But maybe we haven’t heard the last of this. Feel free to add your comments below.
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3 Responses to Does 20th Ave NE & NE 105th Street Need Traffic Calming?

  1. Erin Branigan says:

    I live with Jim at the corner of 105th St NE and 19th Ave S. I agree with Jim that people are careful, but the potential for an accident is fairly high, particularly when we back out of our driveway across from the park. I wouldn’t mind a Yield sign and/or a mirror to help with visibility around the corner. Erin

  2. Ms. Tweetley says:

    I think that intersection is too small for a traffic circle; cars would have to drive almost on the shoulders to get around it which would be more dangerous for all the walkers in the area. Is there such a thing as “yield to the right” signs?

  3. CAM says:

    I’m not for a traffic circle at that intersection but I think some kind of signage is a good idea. I, also have never seen an accident there but you certainly do need to be alert. Over the years there have been more than a few accidents a block down the hill on 104th, though.

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