$893,000 Park Renovation Announced

Park RenovThe Seattle Parks Department has announced a $893,000 renovation project of the playground equipment in Victory Heights Park.
Read the entire minutes from last night’s Community Council Meeting.
The project, which is currently in the design phase, will replace the current 20-year-old playground equipment, make the entire area ADA compliant, and via the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design program (sometimes called CPTED), increase sight lines and removal of “hidden” areas. As part of the design, the Parks Department wants community input. The first way you can do that is by answering the survey on the project website. The second way is by attending the December 15th Community Council meeting, where the project designer will be there to make a presentation and listen to feedback.
Construction is scheduled for the second half of 2016. About half of the cost is earmarked for accessibility upgrades that will make the park Americans With Disabilities Act compliant. The project does not include any work on the building which currently houses the co-op preschool.  Earlier this year, the Parks Department had said Victory Heights was near the bottom of a 300-item list of “Things To Do” but apparently a combination of the aging equipment, recent criminal activity, citizen requests, and probably dumb luck (the right project size for what was left in this year’s “must spend” account) contributed to the project suddenly becoming viable and a done deal.

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5 Responses to $893,000 Park Renovation Announced

  1. holly says:

    This is wonderful news for the neighborhood and VH preschool. Cant wait to bring my children here when it is complete!

  2. Ann says:

    Yes, this is great news! However, please give credit where credit is due. Victory Heights preschool parent Robin Lesh took the lead on this, and over the past two years has taken much of her personal time gathering community and preschool feedback and support, and attending multiple meetings with the city and parks department. She has spent countless hours on paperwork outlining safety issues, noting needed improvements and applying for grants. I’m sure I don’t even know the half of what she did, these are just the things I’m aware of. Not dumb luck, but lots of hard work, sweat and tears went into this. Thanks Robin!

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  4. Monica says:

    I agree with Ann. Please give credit where credit is due, and Robin Lesh was certainly the main driver of this project. We even talked about her work and dedication at the last meeting. I wish you would have written about it.

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