Restoration at Kingfisher Natural Area

Rick Swing, a Volunteer Forest Stewart with Green Seattle Partnership updates us on work at the Kingfisher Natural Area (aka Thornton Creek):

Hey Folks, 
I want to express my sincere gratitude for your help in the past weeks at Kingfisher Natural Area. Together we planted over 250 plants and great conifers over 4 weekends! I hope that you all will come back and visit, admire your work, and watch over time, with patience as the fruits of your labor reach wonderful heights and provide greater ecological and human benefits for all. The trail continues from our work area to the East along the creek for another half mile, and boots are highly recommended.  
Us stewards, Lynnette, Jim and myself with help from neighbors will endeavor to keep these plants watered during the summer drought season, and free of weeds the best we can. Given that much of our restoration work occurs in an ad hoc and unadvertised fashion, if you are interested in lending a hand in the future or know of others in need of community service hours, please feel free to reach out. We can set something up, generally working around the rain and hydrologic impacts. This includes potential weekday events for those indicating free time mid-week. I have found it is often easier, safer, and less negatively impactful to run smaller work parties for more technical/adventurous type restoration work. You can also keep an eye out for events listed on  Please share this website widely. 
Please enjoy the picture above, It is a 15′ tall Douglas Fir that mysteriously appeared recently in the chute that we had planted in. I suspect this was brought in by parks contractors or SPR but who knows. The tree is a welcome new guest and will give the area and the smaller new trees an appreciated jump start.  
Have a wonderful New Year, and thanks again! 

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