Parking Changes at Northgate Park and Ride

Northgate Transit Center Park-and-Ride Changes coming November 19th.

Sound Transit’s new Northgate Station Garage will open and three Northgate park-and-ride areas will be closed on Monday, Nov. 19. The four-floor garage, located at the future Northgate light rail station, will provide nearly 450 parking spaces at the busy Northgate Transit Center. Even though Northgate Station will open in 2021, Sound Transit is opening the garage early for transit riders.

How to use the new garage

Enter Level 1 of the garage from Northeast 103rd Street. Parking permit holders should proceed down to Level 4 where the reserved spaces are located. Others may park on Levels 1-3 of the garage. Permit parking spaces are open to first-come, first-served parking on weekends and after 9 a.m. on weekdays.
Upon securing your valuables and locking your vehicle, access the Northgate Transit Center by exiting Level 2 on Northeast 103rd Street. Crosswalks to the transit center are located on either side of the garage driveway.

New Reserved Parking Permit option

The Northgate Station Garage will be the first Sound Transit facility to offer a reserved parking permit option for people driving alone. Current carpool permit holders may renew, and transit riders may obtain free carpool parking permits.
To learn more about pricing or to get a permit visit their permit parking page. Parking permit holders will have reserved parking on the lower level of the garage on weekdays during the morning rush hours.

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November Events Calendar

Here are events in and around Victory Heights for November.

Sunday, November 4th: Daylight Savings Time ends.
What will you do with that extra hour this weekend?
– Change the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Smoke detectors should be in good working order in all sleeping rooms, hallways that lead to sleeping areas, basements and each additional level of your home.

Wednesday, November 7th: “Stop The Bleed.” “Stop the Bleed” is a national program developed by trauma experts.  It’s designed to teach people with little or no medical training simple techniques to stop life-threatening bleeding.  A one-hour presentation is followed by hands-on practice packing wounds and applying tourniquets on dummies.  6:30 – 8:30pm, Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th Ave NE. Register at this link

Tuesday, November 20th: Victory Heights Community Council Meeting.  Join your neighbors to share news and information about our neighborhood. 7 PM – 8 PM, Co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

Thursday, November 22nd: Thanksgiving.  As usual, Thursday trash service in Victory Heights will be pushed back a day to Friday.

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Keep leaves, debris and snow out of drains

As someone who frequently encounters flooded streets (particularly Lake City Way next to Airmark) due to clogged storm drains this time of year, I ask your help.

Consider adopting your local storm drains. By keeping the drains in your neighborhood clear of all debris you can prevent flooding. Clear your drain only if it is safe. If the drain is still clogged after you’ve removed the debris, call the city’s drainage problem hotline at (206) 386-1800 to report it.

From November 1st – 30th you can set out up to 10 extra bags of leaves for free pick up on your collection day.

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Volunteers Widen NE 104th Way Right-of-Way

A three hour volunteer work party consisting of neighbors around Victory Heights beat back the black berries and moved a large fallen tree to widen the right-of-way along NE 104th Way on Saturday. Here is what it looked like originally:

The black berries had grown down the hill until they reached a 20 feet tree that lay along the side of the road, just up from Lake City Way NE.

The crew started by cutting back the black berries on the other side of the tree to create a wide gap. A number of bags of trash were filled with old cans and bottles that had been thrown to the side of the road over the years.

The original plan was to cut up the tree, so a chainsaw was rented. The first cut went very well with a large trunk-sized branch taken off and cut up for removal.

However, subsequent attempts to cut the main trunk weren’t successful, so we decided to try to roll the tree over up against the hillside to create a wide gap alongside the road.  The idea is the next time the city mows the edges, there is more room for them to cut it back.

Large levers were borrowed from the NE Tool Library (literally down the street as the crow flew from our location), which helped us roll and shift and massive tree.

Several hours later and here was the result:

A large rented dump truck was filled with all the yard waste for disposal.  It was a lot of effort but NE 104th Way looks a lot nicer now and hopefully is safer for pedestrians.

There was thoughts about getting street lights put in but currently there are no utility poles or electricity along NE 104th Way, but perhaps we can persuade the city to install them.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out! A great team effort.

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“Beat Back” The Blackberries on NE 104th Way on Saturday

The Victory Heights Community Council announced last night at its monthly meeting an event to help clean up NE 104th Place between 23rd Avenue NE and Lake City Way.

Read the complete minutes of the October meeting.


We’re calling “Beat Back” The Blackberries, and it will be held this Saturday, October 20th from noon to 3 PM on NE 104th Way.  A truck is being rented to haul away debris, we just need volunteers with thick gloves and rakes to come help make the edge of the street safe for pedestrians who use the street to access our neighborhood from Lake City Way.

In other news, the homeless encampment that was in Thornton Creek by the Knickerbocker site which was cleaned up by the city last month, has moved up the creek and is now camped underneath the 15th Avenue NE bridge. It’s on the city’s “queue” for intervention again by their Navigation Team as a prelude to another clean-up. Meanwhile, feel free to keep the pressure up on the city by using the Find-It, Fix-It app or call 911 if you see suspicious activity.

Upcoming events in the works: another gingerbread house fund raiser, caroling in the park (rather than going house-to-house this year), and maybe a luminata during the winter on the new pathway through the park.

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Victory Heights October Events Calendar

Here are events happening in and around our neighborhood this month of interest:

Saturday, October 13th: Free Electronics Recycling:  Sand Point Community United Methodist Church, 4710 NE 70th Street. $1 for every 100 lbs. of material that is collected will be donated to Hero House. Get rid of that old computer at no cost. 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday, October 14th: Arts North! Studio Tour.  This is largest studio tour in north Seattle. Enjoy the opportunity to see a wide variety of arts and crafts, chat with the artists, sample appetizers and sweets. FREE. Maps available at all studios and online at 10 AM – 5 PM each day.

Tuesday, October 16th: Victory Heights Community Council Meeting.  Our monthly meeting to discuss issues important to our neighborhood. Guest speaker Laura Jenkins, Community Engagement Coordinator. Co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park, 7 PM – 8 PM.

Tuesday, October 16th: Hubbard Homestead Park Play Area Project. Help provide input on a play area for Hubbard Homestead Park and learn about the decommissioning of the playground at Victory Creek Park (note: this is the park by the QFC on Northgate, not the park in Victory Heights). The decommissioning of Victory Creek play area will create the opportunity to start new play area at Hubbard Homestead Park. Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave NE, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM. Another meeting will be in December.

Wednesday, October 24th: Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting. Dr. David Montgomery of UW, will give a talk titled “Growing a Revolution: Soil, Water and Society.” Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd Ave. NE, 6:30 PM.

Wednesday, October 31st: Halloween. Drive slowly and carefully through the neighborhood this evening and watch for trick-or-treaters in the road.



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Urban Survival Skills Highlights

On a bright, Sunday morning, the Victory Heights Community Council sponsored an Urban Survival Skills Fair next to the park.  Ten separate booths were set up run by volunteers and some city employees, each with a different skill to demonstrate during an emergency such as which types of food you should store, first-aid, HAM radio, pet care, and more.

Dozens of people turned out during the four-hour fair held on a closed-off section of NE 106th Street.

One booth demonstrated the various apps and alerts that are available in this area.  See this print-out for the complete list.

Click on the thumbnails below for more photos from the fair:

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Urban Survival Skills Fair Sunday

This Sunday, September 30th, come to NE 106th Street (west side of Victory Heights Park) for an Urban Survival Skills fair.  Booths will demonstrate important skills you will want to know in case of an emergency or disaster.

Sponsored by the Victory Heights Community Council. It’s completely free and could save your life!

10 AM – 2 PM.

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Strategies For Dealing With Homeless Encampments

At last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, we heard from the city’s point man on homelessness, George Scarola, about the recent situation in the Kingfisher green belt of Thornton Creek.

Read the entire minutes of the September meeting.

George said a rather large settlement of five homeless camps had been set up in the greenbelt south of 17th Avenue NE in recent weeks. After the city’s Navigation Team worked to arrange temporary housing with some of the campers, eventually they were given three day’s notice that everything would be cleared out. This was done with a large city presence last Friday, September 14th. As of Wednesday evening, the site was still all clear.  However, people are camping underneath the 15th Avenue NE bridge again. George said it would be “added to the queue” and the city would get to it in time. In the meanwhile, he had this advice:

  • If you see signs of encampment, report via the “Find It, Fix It” app or call the phone number listed at the trail head
  • Any suspicious activity, call 9-1-1
  • Illegal activity, call 9-1-1
  • Report any of the above concerns immediately to
  • Don’t take pictures of, or confront, people
  • Equipment for safely picking up needles is available in the job box at the head of the trail on 104th/17th or call (206) 684-7250

Ann Forrest, Chair of the VHCC, has put together a list of times that folks can use to help patrol the space. Please go to: to sign up for the Thornton Creek Walkabout where neighbors will regularly patrol the greenbelt to prevent further beachheads of camps from forming.

In other news, the community council will be holding an Urban Survival Skills Fair on Sunday, September 30th on NE 106th Street on the west side of Victory Heights Park between 10 AM and 2 PM.  Booths will be set up on the (closed) street to teach useful skills to have during an emergency event.  You could be there for three hours and still catch the kickoff of the Seahawks game that afternoon, so stop on by.

The Parks Department will evaluate Victory Heights Park next week with a possibility of removing the fence around the new lawn.

Have you noticed this blog is loading much faster now? The community council took official possession of the URL (previously owned and hosted by the folks at Pinehurst Seattle) and moved the blog over to a commercial web host where it now loads much faster and more reliably.  Thanks to Pinehurst Seattle for the many years they hosted our site.

Please take a moment to “Like” our Facebook Group for the Victory Heights Blog.

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September Events Calendar

UPDATED! Here are events of interest to Victory Heights this month:

Tuesday, September 11th: Disaster Skills Basic Aid: The first of city-sponsored classes for dealing with emergencies. 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM, Beacon Hill Library, 2821 Beacon Ave S.

Wednesday, September 12th: Disaster Skills Workshop: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM, Ballard Library, 5614 22nd Ave NW.

Monday, September 17th: Lake City Corridor Improvement Project Drop-In Session: We’re getting more sidewalks and bike lanes on Lake City Way (yea!). Find out more in the first of two “drop-in” sessions: 6 PM – 8 PM, Faith Lutheran Church, 8208 18th Avenue NE.

Tuesday, September 18th: Victory Heights Community Council meeting.  Find out first-hand about issues affecting our neighborhood.  7 PM in the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

Wednesday, September 19th: Light Search & Rescue Class: 6 PM – 8 PM, Seattle Fire Joint Training Facility, 9401 Myers Way S.

Thursday, September 20th: “Stop The Bleed” Class: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM, Douglas-Truth Library, 2300 E Yesler Way.

Saturday, September 22nd: Home Retrofit Class: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Beacon Hill Library, 2821 Beacon Ave S.

Tuesday, September 25th: Lake City Corridor Improvement Project Drop-In Session 2: 6 PM – 8 PM, Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th Avenue NE.

Sunday, September 30th: Urban Survival Skills Fair: Join your neighbors in Victory Heights Park to find out about finding drinking water, HAM radio, emergency hacks, get home bag, emergency toilets.  Free and fun for all ages, sponsored by the Victory Heights Community Council.  10 AM – 2 PM in Victory Heights Park.

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