June 15th Victory Heights Yard Sale Map

Download the PDF map here or click on this interactive version of our community yard sale on June 15 2019. Happy shopping!

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Yard Sale And Other June Events

Here are events in and around Victory Heights this month:

Sunday, June 9th: The Thornton Creek Alliance presents: Influence of the Confluence. Time to celebrate our watershed!  There will be info booths with fun activities for the whole family, including hands-on learning, site tours, games, live music, and food.  All in the setting of Meadowbrook Pond! Learn about Thornton Creek and the science work being done there. All are invited!  2:00 PM – 6 PM at Meadowbrook Pond, between 35th and 39th Avenues NE, and just south of NE 110th St.

Saturday, June 15th: Victory Heights Community Yard Sale. Your extra stuff may be someone else’s treasure! Please register HERE if you would like to participate in the Community-Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, June 15th, from 9am to 1pm. Plan to sell items from your home – we can’t gather on the street for this event. Maps of participating homes will be available exactly at 8:30 AM on the 15th here on the blog, or posted at the Victory Heights Preschool, 1747 NE 106th St.

Tuesday, June 18th: Victory Heights Community Council Meeting. Guest speaker: Vicki Stiles, historian, will share information about our little slice of Seattle. 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

Saturday, June 22nd. Site Walk and Input Session for the 11545 15th Avenue NE Project. Redevelopment is coming to Pinehurst on our north border. Here is your chance to find out about the demolition and building that will be going on. 11 AM – 2 PM at the site: 11545 15th Avenue NE.

Thursday, June 27th. Seattle City Council District 5 Candidate Forum. The primary is coming up in early August. Hear the contenders go head-to-head live and in person. 6:30 PM – 8 PM, North Seattle College, Room CC1161.

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Emergency HUB Drill Tests Community Preparedness

On an overcast June 1st before the marine layer burned away, a dozen Victory Heights residents gathered to participate in using our Emergency Communications HUB located in Victory Heights Park.

The locked storage box next to the tennis courts was opened at 8 AM (see this photo if you are curious what’s inside), tables were set up, signs posted, and metal plates were mounted to post messages using magnets.

The “greeter table” set up in the tennis court of Victory Heights Park.

By 9 AM everything was set up including an information area outside the court to let people know more about the HUB, emergency preparedness, and how to set up low-tech toilets without water.

Displays were set up to demonstrate emergency preparedness.

Away from the action (as it would be in an actual emergency) a team was set up with a ham radio so we could communicate with the HUB set up in Maple Leaf Park. They simulated a drill where lost children were trying to be reunited with their parents.

Community Council President Ann Forrest addresses the volunteers before the HUB opens.

An emergency communications HUB’s only resource is information. There are no supplies, food, or medical equipment. But it is a place for the community to gather and share needs and resources, using a message board system with different categories (e.g. lost pets, services, supplies that can be shared, etc). Matching needs is very much the goal of the HUB, but also a way to keep people informed and as Victory Heights Community Council President Ann Forrest likes to say, “We are social creatures, and during an emergency we seek others to be with.”

In the case of an actual emergency (most likely a huge earthquake), volunteers would set up the HUB and take on different roles like “Greeter” or “Information Officer.” For the drill on Saturday, scenarios were written out on paper for members of the public to use to see the HUB in action and help everyone practice.

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Emergency HUB Drill June 1st

At this month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, we previewed how our Emergency Communications HUB drill will be performed on Saturday, June 1st during a city-wide drill.

Read the complete minutes of the May community council meeting.

Beginning at 9 AM on the 1st, volunteers from around the community, including HAM radio operators, will convene near the tennis court in Victory Heights Park to take on roles in order to: 1) share information and 2) coordinate “neighbors helping neighbors.” There are no supplies per se in the HUB, just tools to help facilitate those two goals (i.e. clip boards, info books, white boards, pens, etc). Other volunteers can participate by using pre-scripted scenarios to simulate the kind of actions that the HUB might be called upon during an actual emergency (for example, a lost dog, reporting a gas leak, having a chain saw available for use) and then matching those to other “reports” which come in. It’s a great community-building exercise and absolutely essential to help one another in case of disaster of some sort where help from the city at large might be days, if not weeks, in the coming. Please come by and participate, it’s fun!

In other news, we learned about earthquake early warning systems, scheduled the next community yard sale (Saturday, June 15th), and heard the virtues of the Lake City Farmers Market which runs Thursday next to the library beginning June 6th.

The next meeting of the community council will be Tuesday, June 18th with guest speaker Vicki Stiles, a historian who can tell us what was in Victory Heights before the houses!

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Victory Heights May Events Calendar

Here are events in and around Victory Heights this month:

Saturday, May 18th: Stop The Bleed. Free course that teaches non-medical individuals basic Bleeding Control principles so they are able to provide immediate, frontline aid until first responders are able to take over care of the injured person. Sign up here… Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Avenue NE, 10 AM – noon

Tuesday, May 21st: Victory Heights Community Council Meeting. Get the low-down on what’s goin’ down here in our neighborhood at this monthly meeting. Victory Heights Co-op preschool building in the park, 7 PM – 8 PM.

Thursday, May 30th: Thornton Creek Alliance meeting. Two speakers from Seattle Public Utilities, Jonathan Brown will talk about plans to continue dredging where they left off last year in Meadowbrook Pond; Katherine Lynch will talk afterwards about the “Performance of floodplain projects constructed during 2014 at the confluence, and on the South Branch (of Thornton Ck.), just east of Lake City Way” (the areas affected are both up and downstream from 35th Avenue Ne.) Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd Avenue NE, 6:30 PM – 9 PM.

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Easter Egg Hunt April 21st

There will be an Easter Egg hunt held in Victory Heights Park at 1 PM on Sunday, April 21st, sponsored by the co-op preschool.

Read the complete minutes of the Victory Heights Community Council Meeting.

Speakers at the April meeting included Jim Holmes from the Office of Planning & Community Development, about how the public can participate and mold discussion about the areas surrounding the new link light rail stations at NE 130th and NE 145th Streets. Starting in June, there will be extensive public meetings to discuss how housing, biking, parks and other amenities will be developed around the stations.

We also heard from a representative from City Light who had a handout showing power outages in Victory Heights over the past 18 months (surprise, it’s usually trees, or as happened often in February, snow). He talked about what the city does to prevent tree damage and how Mylar balloons are the scourge of power lines.

In addition to the Easter Egg hunt on the 28th, here are upcoming events in our neighborhood:

Saturday, June 1st: Emergency Communications HUB drill. This city-wide drill will test our emergency responsiveness from our own little HUB in the park by the tennis courts. Starts at 9 AM.

Saturday, June 15th: Victory Heights Yard Sale! Deal from your own yard or bring your wares to NE 106th Street next to the park. We’ll have maps showing all locations for those who register with us.

Alas, the homeless have moved back under the 15th Avenue NE bridge again. Feel free to report them on the Find It, Fix It app to encourage the city’s Navigation Team to come and deal with it.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 21st, everyone is welcome. Speakers to be announced.

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Use Those Democracy Vouchers You Now Have

At last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, we heard from Annie Tran, from the city’s Ethics & Elections Commission, about the Democracy Voucher program.

Read the complete minutes of the March meeting.

First used in the 2017 city council election and funded by an initiative to provide for publicly funded elections, this is a way for citizens to contribute to (for now) city council candidates in a grass roots effort to widen the field. The commission also has on its website Candidate Introductions, 150-word statements submitted by the candidates (about 40 so far, but the filing deadline hasn’t closed yet). In order to qualify for public funds, a candidate needs 150 small-dollar ($10 or more) donations, the signatures from 150 residents, half of whom need to be in the district they are running in, and to abide by spending limits.

To use your vouchers (you get four, “spend” them all on one candidate or spread the wealth), just fill them out and mail them in the postage paid envelope. Check the commission’s website first to make sure your candidate hasn’t already hit the limit of vouchers they can accept or yours go to waste (no take backs).

Other speakers included Steve Zemke from the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission, about updating the city’s tree ordinance; and news from the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance.

The next community council meeting will be Tuesday, April 16th. Come on out and join us.

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Victory Heights March Events Calendar

Here are events in and around Victory Heights for March.

Saturday, March 9th: Community Reuse & Recycling Event. Drop off items at this free event for Northeast Seattle residents! ACCEPTED ITEMS: Styrofoam & Packing Peanuts (Clean & dry), Household Batteries (Tape ends of all batteries. Leaking or broken batteries not accepted.), CFL tubes and bulbs (No broken bulbs; limit 4ft), Small Electronics, Small Appliances (non-Freon), Clothing/linens, Furniture & household goods (good condition only). 9 AM to 1 PM, Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8008 35th Avenue NE.

Wednesday, March 13th: Light Rail Open House. The City is hosting a meeting to discuss 130th and 145th Link Light Rail station area planning. 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., Ingraham High School, 1819 N 134th St.

Saturday, March 16th: Cup of Tea Get To Know Your Muslim Neighbor. Open house at the Idris Mosque, 1420 NE Northgate Way, 4 PM – 7 PM.

Tuesday, March 19th: Victory Heights Community Council meeting. Connect with neighbors and find out what’s in the works around here. 7 PM – 8 PM, co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

Thursday, March 21st: Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting. “Preservation of our urban forest” with city tree experts. 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd Avenue NE.

Tuesday, April 2nd: Stop The Bleed. A national program developed by trauma experts, is designed to teach people with little or no medical training simple techniques to stop life-threatening bleeding. 
SIGN UP HERE! 7:00 – 8:30 PM, co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

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Snow Melted, Garbage Service Resumes, How Did You Do?

How well did you survive the “snowpocalypse” this month? Did you have enough food? Drinking water? Batteries for flashlights when the electricity went out? This was a good “dress rehearsal” for your emergency preparedness in case of a serious event where city services might be days, weeks or even months in coming.

Read the complete minutes of this month’s community council meeting.

This month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was able to occur on schedule after two weeks of snow-related cancellations. Several other community organizations (like the North District Council, and the Northgate redevelopment group) were force to reschedule their meetings due to the heavy snow.

In addition from hearing from District 5 candidate John Lombard, we also talked about the need for residents to clear their sidewalks after a snowfall (city code mandates it). And garbage pick-ups are resuming in Victory Heights after two missed collections on some streets (in which case you can put out extra garbage at no extra charge, and will receive a $10 credit on your bill).

The next meeting of the community council will be on Tuesday, March 19th at 7 PM in the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park (unless it snows again).

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Puppies Visit Community Council

Last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was joined by two representatives of the Puppy Power 4-H Project who provide service animals to people in need.

Read the full minutes of the January meeting

We got to meet Jupiter who is just about to finish 18 months of living with a family and training to become a service dog. The training includes not being scared or surprised by new responses and never, ever growling. Also attending, coincidentally, was a graduate puppy who now serves a resident of Victory Heights (the dogs got on famously, they appeared to be distantly related Golden Retriever Labrador crosses). If you would like to be considered for training one of these animals, or need a service animal yourself, check out www.cci.org.

In other news, the ReVisioning Northgate committee had its first meeting this week, an organization that hopes to be able to be influential in the years to come of development in the Northgate area by involving many groups and stakeholders.

You have until January 17th to fill out a survey for development of Hubbard Homestead Park behind Target. You’ll find it here. EDIT: The Victory Creek Play Area behind QFC is being “decommissioned” per information from Karen O’Connor at Seattle Parks.

Don’t forget our two Seed Swap events, the first (to peruse catalogs and select the seeds) will be 3 PM on January 27th at the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park. The second to divvy up the packets and distribute them will be 3 PM on February 10th, same location.

The Victory Heights Community Council will be participating in Meadowbrook’s “Hands-on Skills Fair” from 2 – 5 PM on February 9th at their community center on 35th Avenue. We got a grant and will be giving away emergency toilets to the first 100 people!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 19th, hope to see you there!

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