Bob's Liquor & Wine Opens on Lake City Way

After months of remodeling, but with more cladding still to be put on the outside, Bob’s Liquor & Wine opened for business today on Lake City Way.  The building, which formerly housed the defunct Italian Spaghetti House, had a new addition put on the north side, along with stairs and a wheelchair ramp.
If someone who knows about liquor goes shopping there, feel free to write a review of the place here.

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3 Responses to Bob's Liquor & Wine Opens on Lake City Way

  1. Caity Gerhardt says:

    Hello — We’ve just moved to wonderful Victory Heights after 25 years on Capitol Hill — what a refreshing, excellent change of scenery! If there is some kind of neighborhood email distribution list, I’d love to be on it. Also would love to subscribe to this blog. We are so thrilled to be in North Seattle!
    Cheers and gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day, Caity

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Caity: There is an official email list being developed, but I have compiled a list over the past 15 years. It is mainly used as an alert system, like break in’s, suspicious activity, ect. Please feel free to email me and I.will add you to the list. Rachel on 21st

  2. S. Morris Rose says:

    I popped in on a whim late on Tuesday 20 November, the second day of business, and met Bob- yes, there is a Bob- and his cheerful, friendly, energetic crew. I was impressed, despite they don’t have all the stock in and shelved, and many of the prices weren’t up yet.
    What impressed me?
    There is a whack of craft spirits, including many from Seattle and environs that I haven’t even heard of, a deep selection of beer, more tequila choices than I’ve seen anywhere else (though I haven’t been looking), and decent prices. For example, a 750ml bottle of Luxardo Maraschino for $34 out the door. I didn’t look at wine.
    The place seems to be well-capitalized and spacious, with plenty of room between the aisles. I had worried that they would aim lower than they have given the blue collar demographic of the immediate area, but they are plenty fat at the high end.
    What’s not to love?
    They will, however, have their work cut out for them now that BevMo is open at Northgate. Hopefully locals will rally around these guys.

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