Metal Grate Replaces Wooden Storm Drain

A Seattle Public Utility employee installing a new metal grate

On Monday the wooden beams that have covered a storm drain “sand box” (the City’s technical term) at the corner of 20th Ave NE and NE 103rd Street were replaced with a custom-made metal grate by Seattle Public Utilities. The wood beams, which have been used since the original development of Victory Heights to cover the junction of two storm drains, kept needing to be replaced due to damage from heavily-laden garbage trucks. A bicyclist also had an accident when their wheels got stuck between the wooden slats, which prompted the change to a more permanent metal grate.
Eight SPU employees are responsible for all the drains in Seattle covering an area north of Denny Way to the city limits at NE 145th Street.  If you see a dangerous or worn sewer covering or water leaks, call the city at (206) 386-1800.

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